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[30 Mar 2014|09:42pm]
Player Info;

Name/Handle: Kelly
Are you 18 or over?: Yes

Character Info;

Source work and author: N/A
Door: Marvel
Character Journal name: robodoc
Character Name: Doctor Adam Waterhouse
Character Age: 35
Character Played By: Matthew Goode

Character History and Personality:
Adam was the adopted son of a high-ranking and very old military official and his wife. They never had time for kids when they were younger and wanted to help one orphan before kicking the bucket. The first thing Adam’s father ever taught him was to live his life undetected. There wasn’t a good reason to partake in science fairs or admit to enjoying pass-times like Dungeons and Dragons when kids at school would make his life hell just for being different. If he wanted to be smart and do well in school, that was good, but he needed to do it when no one was watching. For the most part, Adam pulled this off. He found humor as a good escape from scrutiny and in return, his father allowed him to go to science camp over the summer and bought him comic books to hide when his friends came over.

This quest to become “normal” didn’t last very long, though. Adam was a brilliant kid, but worse than that, he was a dreamer. He lost himself in comic book worlds that had amazing powers, advances in science and space travel. It seemed perfect. His sense of humor kept him well-guarded against most people, but he found himself gravitating towards the weirder sets of teenagers. Not always the smarter ones, but the kind that liked to do things their way.

In college and grad school, everything changed. He was free of little town scrutiny and the large amount of drugs, booze and fun people made him loosen up considerably. People saw Adam as the gonzo of medical study. Eloquent, fond of drugs and a little bit nuts. College and graduate school allowed him to be the person he wanted to be and eventually become a doctor at a local free clinic.

But, nothing he did mattered until the fateful day he saved a vigilante’s life. Once, on the way home, a vigilante chasing some sort of criminal slipped from a building and landed in the bushes next to him. Armed with basic medical supplies and enough knowledge to play nurse, Adam quickly patched the mask up and sent him on his way. Soon, vigilantes of Seattle used “The Waterhouse” as code for getting patched up by Adam. He didn’t ask questions and was good at what he did. That was enough for most mask in Seattle.

While playing doctor for them, he started experimenting on different chemicals and poisons that could be used against criminals. He always had radical solutions to problems that most of the more noble vigilantes didn’t agree with. Adam believed that criminals were a sickness, a decaying part of the tree that needed to be pruned. Killing them was always a lot easier than waiting for them to reform or play nice. He never went out and played hero himself, so only the more renegade masks took advantage of his chemical warfare.

Things were going great, until his favorite vigilante was killed in action. They had fought over moral issues and didn’t always agree, but they couldn’t stop being good friends. The mask was killed while fighting one of his greatest foes and there wasn’t anything Adam could do about it. For all the masks he had patched up and saved, he would have gladly let them all day if it meant his friend would keep on living. Overcome by grief and pain, Adam lost himself in a drug haze and shut down the Waterhouse mask clinic for good.

He vanished from Seattle shortly after, reportedly going after the foe who had taken down his good friend. It wasn’t until recently that he found himself back in Vegas, working for a free clinic while still offering his services to masks in need. There he found the voice of Hank Pym, an originally hostile and hard to cope with ex-Avenger who wanted to take his hate out on his old teammates. After harassing Captain America and nearly rendering Iron Man immobile, Pym was confronted by an old friend, Bruce Banner. While Pym still hated the Avengers, he couldn't see himself taking his hate out on someone who tried to at least talk to him.

During this time, Adam became involved with his vigilante's old flame, Maddie K. They had a rocky relationship that left him feeling like he had to walk on eggshells, but the good certainly made up for the bad. After breaking up one night at a party over jealousy, Maddie K ran unknowingly into the arms of a killer. The man kidnapped Maddie K and threatened to kill her, which snapped Adam back into knowing that Maddie K was more important than caring too deeply about his own feelings. Once she returned to Vegas, saved by friends from Seattle, he tried to do his best to take care of her.

Doubt settled in about whether or not Maddie K would ever be the same or return his affections. That, coupled with the return of a woman in Seattle that he was close with, made him reflect back on his life as a vigilante doctor. The guilt that had riddled him all these years seemed to be fading and after a phone call with his friend's sister, he finally let the death go. And, that's when Pym's voice vanished from Adam's thoughts. His replacement was a little more stable, but not by much.

Over the next couple of months, his relationship with MK hit some all time highs and rock bottom lows. From a fight that left him quitting his job at the clinic to attempting a drug fueled relationship with the red head. Now stabilized and serious about keeping his quiet life, he's allowed MK back into his heart tentatively. The past year in Vegas has left him feeling calloused, alone and selfish. His ability to connect with people has been slowly diminished and somewhere along the way he stopped trying to soften the blow.

After stitching up a mobster’s son, he was offered a job off hours as a personal doctor to the family. Adam, who slowly stopped caring about doing the right thing for anyone else but himself accepted and left his job at the ER (which he was starting to hate, anyway). Still dating MK and without an escape in sight, Adam decided to propose to the equally broken redhead.

Journal/Key: Card key and a high tech phone

External Door items: A child lol. Delilah, money from working as a mob doc and his drugs/booze.


Patients: Adam works under the table for people who need it. He doesn't care who
Friends?: Why tho
Opposition: People who think Adam is redunk
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